Consulting Service for Non-Profit Organizations

Consulting service for Nova Scotia non-profit organizations from start-up to providing solutions for unique volunteer board challenges. More »


Tide is Turning is a metaphor that often refers to a reversal of circumstances or to express a change in direction as relates to human thought or behaviour.

Tide’s Turning Consulting Service for Non-Profit Organizations exists to assist volunteer boards and the organizations they serve in their development activities and/or to get them out of troubled waters and put them back on a successful course.

A non-profit organization is created around the mission of its members.  It can be a club created for social or recreational purposes. It can be an association created to provide a needed service in the community.  It can be a foundation created for the specific purpose of raising funds in support of a cause that the members have taken on. Whichever the case, board members serve at arm’s-length and derive no profit from the enterprise themselves.

Typically, volunteer board members of such organizations have very busy and very successful day jobs, but may not have all the skills and knowledge that are needed to successfully run the non-profit organization with which they have volunteered. Despite best intentions by its members, the organization can founder and /or lose direction.

Tide’s Turning for Non-Profit Organizations was created to help volunteer boards/organizations get back on track.

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