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Canada Job Grants impact adult learning organizations

I am very concerned about the near future for basic adult education programs. Back in late 2008, the federal government began transferring to the provinces a pot of money under the title, Labour Market Agreements (LMA), and this financial commitment

Who is Running Your Organization?

Who is really running your organization, your board or your executive director? Experienced executive directors come to an organization with a wide variety of skills and much knowledge that well positions them to run the day-to-day affairs of non-profit organizations.

Succession Planning is Critical

Do you have a Succession Plan in place? A lot has been written about succession planning, but few non-profit organizations have addressed this important component in their operations. One of the best articles that I have found on this topic

Good communication skills are very important!

Recently, I had the following article published in the November 28, 2013, edition of The Colchester Weekly News.  While it is general in nature, the implications for the non-profit world are clear.  It is important to assess how well your

Mission vs Vision

Vision and mission statements are important to non-profit organizations as they embody the purpose for the very existence of the organizations. Vision and mission statements let the world know what the clubs and associations stand for and what their piece