Tide’s Turning Consulting Service for Non-Profit Organization

Even though the purposes of non-profit organizations may be different, successful and healthy non-profit organizations have similar characteristics, including the following: 

Tide’s Turning Consulting offers tailored services to assist organizations in assuring that these are in place.

1. there is a clear direction for the organization with definite policies and procedures in place, 

– Vision and Mission Statements and Organizational Objectives

– By-Law Review and Revision

– Strategic Planning

– Development/Revision of Organizational Policies and Procedures

2.board members and staff fully understand their roles in the organization,

– Governance

– Board Liability and Fiduciary Responsibilities

– Board Education and Training

– Creation/Revision of Position Descriptions

– Human Resources

3. all who contribute to the enterprise are on the same page and are proficient in their roles,

– Board Evaluations

– Conflict Management

– Facilitation

– Change Management

– Collaborative Processes

– Running an Effective Meeting

4. there are clear and regular channels of communication,

– Internal and External Communications Planning

– Branding, Marketing and Public Relations

– Utilizing Social Media

5. sustainability plans and succession plans are in place, and

– Fundraising

– Proposal Writing

– Review/Revision of  Financial Operational Practices

– Board Recruitment

– Volunteer Recruitment, Retention and Management

– Succession Planning

6. the organization fulfills an important role in the community it serves.

– Organizational start-Up – To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate?

– Needs Assessments

– Project Management


The above is not an exhaustive list.  Please feel to contact Tide’s Turning Consulting if you have additional organizational issues that you need help with.  If we can’t help you, we can refer you to the people who can help you.

We offer reasonable variable rates, strict confidentiality, and timely service. Call today for your free phone consultation!



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